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How Does an Educational Program

While there are some differences among the 32 professions within CAAHEP, all accredited programs must go through a rigorous process that has certain elements in common:

  1. Self-Study
  2. On-Site Evaluation
  3. Committee Review and Recommendation
  4. CAAHEP Board of Directors

Educational programs in cardiovascular technology are sponsored by colleges, universities, hospitals, medical center, and by consortium. Most programs are two years in length and must include an appropriate sequence of classroom, laboratory, and clinical activities. READ MORE


JRC-CVT Statement on the use of Simulation in CAAHEP Accredited CVT Programs

June 15, 2020

JRC-CVT recognizes the advancements in simulation technology and thus the importance of simulation as an adjunct to student hands-on training that at one time could only be acquired during the time spent in the clinical site…

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Program Highlights

Congratulations (5/10/2022) - Congratulations to the faculty, staff, and administration at the International… ...

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